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Timber Frame Info


The smell of wood, old country comfort, open spaces, soaring ceilings or something different are just a few things that draw people to timber framing.  "I just want to have timbers somewhere in my home" is a comment we hear so often.  While it may not be for everyone, those that want some timber in their home have come to us to see if we can turn their dream into reality.

How much will a Timber Frame cost


Everyone always wonders about the cost of a timber frame structure.  There are many variables to keep in mind when pricing out a project.  Design (simple vs complex), style (mortise & tenon vs metal connectors), structural vs non-structural, timber species, timber finish, amount of timber, specialty items, etc will all affect the cost of a timber frame.

Manufacturing the Timber Frame



From the beginning, PineRidge Timberframe has always prided itself on its craftsmenship and attention to detail.  Starting out in an old barn - we hand cut every timber for our projects.  As we gradually became busier we had to find a way to cut more timbers in less time.  This is when we graduated to a CNC Hundegger to do the initial cutting of the timbers.  All finish work for joinery,  chamfering & planing is still completed by hand. 

Big or Small - we do it all


PineRidge Timberframe has provided many homeowners with Gable Details, Entry Porches, Decorative Beams, Trusses, Hybrid Frames and Full Frames.  If your dream is to have timbers in some fashion within your home - we will work with you to see what will work within your budget.

Timber Frame Creativity


We want our timber frame structures to be as individual and unique as our Clients. 

Timber Frame Technical Advisor or Full Install


Depending on site location, size of timber frame, and Client request PineRidge Timberframe offers the following services.


1.  Technical Advisor - PineRidge Timberframe will provide 1 specialty trained installer to work along with the Client /Contractor and their 2-3 person crew.  Our Technical Advisor will instruct the provided crew on how to properly pre-assemble and install the timber frame structure.


2.  Full Install - PineRidge will provide an install crew who will pre-assemble and install the timber frame structure.


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