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Client Testimonials

Richard & Margaret

You built our home in 2007-2008, Wauconda, IL. We love the home on Bangs Lake.  As we get older and Illinois taxes get higher, we are considering a move to Alabama. Would you, could you build the same house, plan there? We are three years away but will start looking for lake property down there. Our Pine Ridge home is now going on nine years old. We love it and appreciate its construction and quality. No complaints or problems. My heating bill last month was $75.


Peter & Jane

“ It was a real team effort with all of us - starting with the very first meeting at the site when we first met Mike.  Jane and I are thrilled how it all turned out....making our dream a reality.”

Bruce & Paula

“ Thought I would share some photos from our Home Raising on the beautiful Tuesday morning at 7:00 am with the mist coming off our bay on  Ashagami Lake!  I really like these photos Bruce took Tuesday morning even with the moon still showing above the crane -Enjoy!  Thanks for all your hard work on preparing our Future Home! "

Doug & Mari-Lynn

“ We have been extremely happy with the workmanship, cooperation, and advice in which PineRidge has given us during our recent renovation and additon to our 159 year old farm house.  Mike always went the extra step to ensure that we were happy.

Norine & Tommy

" The cottage is just about completed and is ( if I say so myself) STUNNING . I can't believe how beautiful it turned out. Your work is especially spectacular! ”

Michael & Susan

"We had a positive experience with all aspects of our dealings with PineRidge.  That positive experience spanned the inital contract process to the drafting/ engineering work, to the craftsmanship with which your crew cut the raw timber into an exquisite tight-fitting frame.  Our guests marvel at the combination of the interior timber frame and the large, rounded cedar character posts on the exterior.”

Chuck & Janice

"We believe the pride you show in your product, and the hands on attention you give to detail, are the most positive assets of your organization.  We thank the entire PineRidge Timberframe team, for helping us make a long-term dream become a rewarding reality.  We have been told more than once that we are not just building a house, we are creating a piece of art!”

Bruce & Monica

"There was no doubt that we were a coupe of amateurs.  However, you took us seriously and never let us think that we were out of your league.  Mike, you came up with a design that was so in tune with our dreams we wondered if you were psychic.  We moved out to the country for privacy and now we get more visitors than we ever did.  They come - not to visit us - but to see our house!  You made this project more fulfilling than we ever anticipated.  Not only did we wind up with a wonderful home but great friends as well.”

Shannon & Carl

"The exposed timber frame provides a unique character of both strength and warmth, and affords awesome volumes of space.  We've been through major rain and snowstorms, and even a tornado without so much as a budge by the frame.  One has to appreciate the craftsmanship especially at the multitude of intersecting angles in the roof.  It was a pleasure working with you and your crew, and your ideas were a benefit to our design.”

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