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You have a dream and we want to make that dream a reality.  For over twenty (20) years, we have designed homes that are as unique and distinctive as the people who live in them. 


Some of our Clients come to us with a design already complete.  The majority though, simply have a dream, some thoughts and ideas and are looking for the right individual to help them take that dream and put it on paper.  A great design is born out of listening to what our clients say, evaluating their site, discussing their budget, and then creating a design that gives them the perfect balance between needs, wants & budget.


Many times we have taken clients on a tour of some of our homes (either already completed or under construction).  Not to sell them on the same plan, but to show them what we can do, find out what they like or don't like, and to inspire more questions and conversations of what peaks their interest.



Site Inspection


As your building site can have a huge impact on the overall design of your home, we generally like to make a site visit before we start the design process.  If a site visit is not possible, we recommend that you bring a site plan, pictures of your property  and of the area where you think you would like to situate your home.  Discussion of items such as where the sun rises and sets, location of trees, slopes and the best views will help us to determine what best features of your property are and where your home should be situated.  Before we can start the design process we need to help you determine your construction budget for your new home.  We do not want to make the mistake of designing a home that you cannot afford to build.  A good design and realistic budgeting go hand in hand.

Concept Design


Following the Site Inspection, the next step is to get away in a quiet spot and begin blocking out the concepts of your home design.  Working together, you and a PineRidge Timberframe designer will begin the process of taking the project from a dream... to a reality. 


To start we will go over our design wish list in detail, which  will allow you and us to discuss in greater detail your absolute needs and your hopefull wants (if your budget allows it).  While you are visualizing your new home on your property, we will interpret your dream into a preliminary floor plan sketch.  You are part of every line we draw.  At this stage the drawings are artistically hand rendered.



Timber Frame Design


Our attention to design, architectural details and artistic impression assures that each timber is carefully crafted and joined together using traditional joinery methods.  As each piece is assembled and pegged together, the resulting home becomes a place of inspiration and dramatic breathtaking spaces.


Working from either a PineRidge design or a design that you own, we can come up with a Timber Frame structure that suits your home and your budget.  Whether it's a small structure, a hybrid frame, a full frame, structural or non-structural, our Timber Frame designers will work with you.

Design Development


As the design evolves and you are satisfied with the preliminary sketches, PineRidge Timberframe's dedicated design team will continue to work with you to further refine the design on the computer.  Here we can create a 3D virtual model of your home, complete with timbers, furniture, cabinets and views of the outside.  Once the basic model is completed we will send a copy to you to review prior to meeting.  The next few meetings (either in person or over the phone) usually involves just fine tuning or tweaking the design until we get it just right. 


Construction Drawings


Once the final design has been approved and you have given your approval to proceed beyond the design stage, we will then start working producing a set of construction drawings.  At this stage we hope that only minimal changes need to be made (if at all).  The construction drawings typically consist of floor plans, elevations, details and building sections.   Construction drawings can be used to obtain bids for construction of your home, for getting quotes on specific finishes (ie. plumbing, electrical, stone work, etc), to obtain a building permit, and then the drawings will remain on site during the construction of your new home as a source of information for all trades involved.

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