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Timber Frame Cost


At PineRidge Timberframe we primarily work with Eastern White Pine, Doug Fir and Western Red Cedar.  Each species has its own characteristics and qualities, as well as price.  Often the choice of the species used in a design is ultimately based on cost.


The use of the timber, the design of the timber frame and the scale of the individual pieces are all part of the overall style.  Whether you want it to look rustic, contemporary, simple or grand will also be a determining factor in cost.  For instance you can take a 20x20 footprint and end up with more than 5 different frame designs.  These designs can be based on interpretation differences, frame style, timber size used, timber cost, manufacturing techniques, and whether it's stuctural or non-structural.   In the end the amount of timber material, the labour involved to do a simple vs a highly complex frame design will ultimately determine the cost of a timber frame structure.


Due to so many variables, make sure you do your due diligence to get enough information (frame design, number of timbers, board footage, etc) if you are wanting to compare "apples to apples" between timber frame companies.  "Not all timber frames are created equal". 






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